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Ipad has won over my wife AMAZING!!


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Jun 24, 2010
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For years I have have been trying to get my wife to show some, any interest in video games, computers, touch phones, nothing! I've struck out every single time with her. With my hobby it is very difficult to justify purchases like this to her. "If we have this why do we need that". I hear it all the time. But finally the ipad has done it! We have had it about a week now and her interest is still there, amazing! She loves it! Angry birds is her favorite along with Mahjong and Ten Pin Alley. She insisted we bring it to a BBQ later to show our family and friends how awesome this device is. If your on the fence about an ipad it is absolutely worth it. Still haven't had time to download he apps I wanted but that's ok.
Having a family 4th party ( in the pouring rain). Three teenage girls and four 50+ sisters getting to experience the iPad for the first time. Drool marks all over it.
That's the way my wife is too. Adament against technology. I got her to try a Blackberry and she was okay with it. Now she's tried the Ipad, she thinks she might like one of these. Christmas may bring her one!!

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