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iPad Free Falls From Space and Lives!


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Jun 7, 2010
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This story from Huffpost Tech definitely falls into the “don’t try this at home†category, assuming that you have a weather balloon at your disposal of course, which you probably don’t! In the ultimate test of an iPad case’s hardiness, G-Form strapped an intrepid iPad and case, as well as locator controls and cameras, to a weather balloon and then launched it up, up and away to 100,000 feet. As you can see in the video, the iPad enjoyed a good view of the earth for a little while, before the altitude pressure cause the balloon to burst and the whole rig plummeted back down to earth. The iPad landed in Nevada, where the team from G-Form tracked it down and collected it. They then proceed to show that the iPad had suffered no ill effects from the plummet, and was in full working order. Of course stunts like this always attract a healthy dose of skepticism from some quarters, and Huffpost Tech points out that some have said that the video is a fake, and they say that it has been edited. MSNBC also noted that the weight of the tracking device ensures that the iPad falls with the cushion down, and Dvice notes that the GoPro camera used to film the whole thing also survives, and that’s not even protected by the Extreme Edge case. Fake or not, a lot of fun all the same though!

Source: iPad Survives A Free-Fall From The Edge Of Space (Video)
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