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  • some one said i need to make it my avatar, do you know if i should, what that means, and how i do it. or if you can feel free. i was going to just send a pic of myself at work to you but i do not know how to put it in a private messege, nor do i know how to find a url on my ipad, or even what it is. the url for the photo stored in my ipad. the only thing i can figure out how to do it is email it and i cannot find your email address. not even in the friends thing. since this is a private messege my email [email protected] i dont know how else to do things. i need to get ready for work i will check back before i leave. Jean Lupi
    ok i do understand i do alot with my mom and dad yeah they live about 300 yards from me :) lol but we goto dinner once a week and i down load movies on my ipad and watch them over there place about once a week :)
    My father and step mother live there, they need help. So I go out for a visit, cook, clean visit. Feel like I'm saying my last good bys every time I have to leave. We do take 1/2 a day for ourselves and go to little Italy in San Diego and wander around and enjoy some good food and vino. Well i need coffee, I will check back later.
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