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New Weather Channel Show From the Edge has Companion iPad App


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Jun 7, 2010
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TUAW reports today on a growing trend in broadcasting for TV shows to have their own companion iPad apps. One excellent example is the Weather Channel’s new show called From the Edge, which is based around the daring exploits of photographer Peter Lik as he travels around the globe. The free iPad app that The Weather Channel has released in conjunction with the show goes one step further than the usual TV show companion apps by syncing up to the show’s sound and providing real-time information as you watch the show. You don’t even have to be watching live as it also works when you’re watching the show on your DVR. You can use the app to map Peter’s path as he travels to exotic locales such as an active volcano in Hawaii, see his photography in stunning close up, vote in polls and participate in quizzes with other viewers in real time, connect with other fans on Facebook and Twitter, and view behind-the-scenes videos. Media writer Steve Smith refers to this as “second screen programming,†a growing trend where an app is designed as an interactive extension of the experience of watching a TV show. Expect to see much more of this in future as the possibilities are endless!

Click here to download the free app: From The Edge for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Source: TUAW Weather Channel adventure series links to iPad app, iTunes
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