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Ipad Case Help


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Apr 28, 2010
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I am going to be purchasing an iPad over the weekend and am considering which case to purchase. I want something that is sleek and slim but with some added storage if necessary.

I have checked out some sleeves but don't think I want just the sleeve. I am also thinking about getting a sleeve and a bag, like a messenger bag to go with it.

These are the two I am looking at currently.
1. iPad Sleeve 2. Messenger Bag

I saw some reviews online where someone else did this combo and want to ask for some more input.
I don't have either. The Messenger Bag looks pretty nice, but I am not so sure about the sleeve. Its so hard to tell by the pictures. I have the OEM Apple sleeve and am pretty happy with it, but good luck trying to get one any tme soon! You can go to places like Amazon and search for "ipad sleeve" and get literally thousands of hits. Either way, I would get a sleeve of some sort AND a bag if you are going to being going on walkabout with your iPad.
After spending numerous hours searching every website I went with the following items. I started with just a cheap $8.00 hardshell from Amazon to protect the back of the iPad until I found something better. I now have the Apple iPad case.

As far as bags, you can go in many directions. Ask yourself how much "extras" do you plan on carrying in the bag as well. I decided to go with minimal extras and searched for a narrow 1-2" wide bag. I started with a casual canvas STM Scout XS shoulder bag. I then got a Kenneth Cole leather "You've got it" bag. Both are vertical style and very slim.
Thanks everyone for the info. I ended up ordering the CODi sleeve and bag. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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