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ipad air 2 stuck at "updating iCloud settings"


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Nov 3, 2015
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I updated my old iPad to 9.1 then did a new backup to the Cloud. The Air 2 didn't recognize the old one when I tried to restore the backup to the new device so I switched to "new iPad." Now it is stuck at "updating iCloud settings." How can I get past this screen or reset and start over? (meanwhile I deleted my recent backup and am creating a new, smaller one)

J. A.

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Nov 11, 2012
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Apetlon, Austria
Try resetting your iPad:
Press and hold Home and Power button until you see the Apple logo. Release both and let the iPad power up on it's own.

It's possible that the new iPad doesn't show the backup from your old iPad, because there's not the latest software installed on the Air 2. After setting up the iPad Air 2 as new, update it to iOS 9.1, then you'll be able to erase it and restore from one of the backups from the old iPad.

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