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iPad 3 retina display is greenish -- it's best feature is messed up


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Mar 16, 2012
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My color analyzer doesn't work anymore and the company that manufactured it's out of business so I'm going either have to buy a new one or borrow one from a buddy of mine


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Mar 26, 2011
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Just another quick follow-up... I compared a color bar test pattern on my iPad 2 and 3 and a new Panasonic Viera plasma TV using the hdmi adapter. I asked my gf to look at each color bar on the tv and pick which iPad was the closest match. One color bar was a toss up, all the others were best matched by the iPad 3. The Panasonic is set to a good setting (I researched on avs forum and cnet).

So, my iPad 3 has now been the best match vs. the 2 for two decently calibrated hdtv's. The whites are clean and bright whites. The difference with the iPad 2 is mostly noticeable with some blue hues where the 2's are a lighter baby blue and the 3's are a deeper indigo and sometimes even towards purplish... yet these blues (unexpectedly for me) are close to those displayed on a Sony LCD and now a Panasonic plasma HDTV.

I'm really happy with this turn of events. When I get a chance, I'd still like to compare with store models. My guess is that the displays will be very close... I'm not a panel expert, but I'd think uniformity based on the same parts and process is most likely.

My iPad is a 64gb 4g+wifi AT&T week 9.
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