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iPad 3 + iPhone 4 + GPS


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Nov 3, 2012
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Hi All,

I have been searching around and I am still unclear on the scenario I would like to pursue. I am hoping someone can provide a definitive answer. I have an iPad3 WIFI, iPhone 4 with tethering option and would like to purchase the TomTom NAV software.

I installed the Air Location app but it appears that the time sync is still about 5 seconds between the iphone and ipad when watching your point on the map. First of all, without buying a third party add-on gps (blue tooth or direct connect, whatever) is it possible to reduce this 5 seconds? I have heard TryGpsOut, but not sure if it works differently. Second question, will the TomTom Navigation software work in my scenario? Ie. Tethering the iPAD Wifi to the iphone 4 via hotspot and using some kind of app running that provides real-time GPS data from the iphone to the ipad like air location or trygpsout is supposed to?

Thanks guys - and I apologize in advance on another GPS related question, but I could not find a definitive answer. Lots of posts but they are seem to go in a multitude of different directions, none of which answer my specific questions.

What a coincidence, I have been looking into trying to use GPS on my wifi only iPad too. I tired tethering via my mobile phone - way too slow, there is no way it can keep up for navigation. Same thing applies using a mobile wifi unit.

So I asked some people who really do know about GPS. The problem with both tethering and wifi is that the signal has to fist go through the mobile phone towers before it reaches a satellite then back through them to get back to your iPad so there is a considerable delay. Both are fine if you are stationary but one on the move they struggle as they both have to triangulate via mobile phone towers.

I have been told by reliable sources (in the aircraft I industry) that if you want reliable GPS info while on the move you are better off getting a bluetooth GPS unit, you can pick one up in the UK for just under £70 and should work with pretty much any navigation app on the iPad.

I will be ordering my bluetooth GPS unit later this month dde00

P.s. TryGpsOut is for jailbroken iPads.

Dark Angelwitch (Surrey)
I used the dual XGPS 150 BT receiver with my ipad 2 also with maps stored on the device. That works very well. Don't know how you buy it if you are in uk.
I am buying straight from a company that supplies GPS to the aircraft industry. Same price and I would rather buy from them than an unknown on Amazon or EBay. The one I am buying is the GNS 5879.

Dark Angelwitch (Surrey)

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