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Ipad 2 Battery replacment problem


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Nov 30, 2010
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I replaced my Ipad 2 battery, but it will only turn on or run if plugged in. I think the replacement battery is no good.

It's acknowledging the battery there because it won't turn on without the battery installed, but once it's unplugged it shuts down.

It shows it's plugged in and at 100% but just plugged in not the charging symbol.

works 100% perfectly as long as it's plugged in so that's why I think the replacement battery is bad.

I double, triple, and quad checked all the wires and connections. Everything is connected correctly and nothing appears damaged.

any ideas?
Sorry, but the trouble with replacing your own battery is it's a physical modification, so there's really no way for us to help you other than to point out the obvious. Check and double check the installation. As you say you've done that, there's not much else to do.

Did you purchase the replacement from a reputable source?

Also, interested to hear why you needed a new battery so soon. I have an iPad1, iPad2, and iPad3. All get constant use and I am noticing no discernable degradation on any of the devices, even the iPad1 (which was purchased around 1 month after launch). I find it hard to believe that an iPad2 battery would have degraded totally unless it was left on constant charge...
It got damaged when I was replacing the digitizer and LED screen. Dropped a razor knife and cut one of the 3 packs open.

I'm unsure what you mean by "it's a physical modification"? I haven't modified anything. Just removed and replaced screws and the battery packs.
OK, but 1) removing and replacing a physical component of the device is a physical modification, and 2) You dropped a knife whilst replacing the screen and digitizer and damaged the original battery! LOL. No offence my friend, but there is a lot of scope there to have messed something up, and there is just no way to help you troubleshoot that other than tell you what you already know. Test and re-test all the connections. Sorry.
I'm sure you know what you are doing, to a degree, but iPad's just aren't designed to be user serviceable, and they can be a little troublesome once in pieces.

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