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IOS6 vs Jellybean - I come in Peace

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May 16, 2012
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Hey guys I'm doing research about the OS of the Galaxy Note 2 and iPhone 5 and have compiled a list of each devices advantages. Please I don't want no fan-boyish or trolling comments. Just want to do some peaceful research for a project im doing about the pros of both devices. If I have made some errors or forgotten something plz let me know. There must be something I have left out for the IOS6?
I know this is the ipad section but I assume IOS6 on the iphone is very similar to the ipad version

Real multitasking ( (IOS tends to hang up apps in the background while android keeps them running,http://www.extremetech.com/computing...ndroid-and-iosAlso the actual multitasking menu is much more intuitive, with thumbnails ect)

advanced notification system (can expand messages, emails, reply, call back, acces screen brightness, wi fi, GPS, Bluetooth, Vibrate,screen rotation, short cuts, screen shots)

Open system-More freedom
More free apps
More sharing options
Better google integration (YouTube, Maps,Gmail)
Samsung intergration (TV, Printers)
Lock screens
Live wallpapers
Keyboard apps
More Control Over the hardware ( GPS, Wi Fi, blutooth, toggles)
Easier adding Multimedia (no syncing required)
More built in Camera features
Built in Battery life analysis
Offline Dictation
Smart Alert (vibrates when being pick-up if you have missed call/msg)
Smart rotation (reads the orientation of your face, screen will always line up properly with the way you are holding the device.
Smart Dial (searches names and numbers simultaneously in the dialler with also a pic of the contact)
Direct Call (calls by placing hte phone near your head)
Pop up play
Buddy photo share (phone regonzies your freinds on photos for easer acces to them)
Multi burst
Advanced text prediction
Multi Window
Advanced built in photo gallery (GSMarena)
Most advanced built in video player ever (GSMarena)
More Intuitive Search bar ( Search bar widget, google predicition built in)
50 GB drop box
built-in reject list
Swipe to screen capture


Better Apple integration (apple tv, Macs, Itunes ect)
less ad-ware on AppStore
Better exclusive apps
Better landscape typing
Direct Updates
Native Auto mobile Integration
Apps launch slightly faster

Plz something else to add for IOS6 anything at all ?
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Hi there, you have created a similar thread here http://www.ipadforums.net/ipad-3-forum/86395-i-come-peace-nexus-7-vs-ipad-3-a.html

Some of the points of interests related to ios and jellybean have been discussed there. Please continue to use this thread for your discussions.

With this-we will now close this thread. Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you.
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