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IOS 11

I've been on the Public Beta almost since it began; though only on my iPad. It's been looking pretty solid the last couple of updates.

Multitaskers are going to have to relearn a lot of things; but it will be worth it.
Files is a big improvement over the iCloud Drive app.
Notes has a few more features and is more flexible.
Much more.

Chances are iOS 11 will be released on or soon after the Apple event the 12th. The usual precautions apply.
There’s also Developer Beta, which has been made available earlier than Public beta.

I’m also using Public beta 11, on two of my devices, an iPad and an iPhone. Except for one issue, which has been fixed by an update, I didn’t have any problems.
I think it's extremely unfair l'm still on 10.3.3 and you people are talking about 11 l want to [emoji24]
Aber will it work on my iPhone 5S or apart from security updates is it a waste of time and make it super s.l.o.w.........
Your iPhone 5s is compatible with iOS 11. No idea whether or not it will become slow when you update. It’s one of the "oldest" devices getting the new software, so it’s possible that you’ll notice a difference between iOS 10 and 11. Apple will certainly be aware of that, though. I remember that they released an update for the iPad 2, last year, I think, so that it could handle the software without major problems.
Thanks for that, think l'll be a bit sneaky here and wait a while for owners who have automatic update set on and start to ask the question how they can go back to the older version, because their handy is slow
You're welcome.
To get an impression of the software and it's possible impact on your iPhone, it might be better to look at comments in iPhone Forums. I don't expect too many posts from iPhone owners on this forum.
Your right after l posted it l saw it was the iPad forum,
I follow both anyway, no sweat.
Like to keep on top of what members are saying about me. :)
So is it final? iOS 11 shall be released on 12th September? Are all the issues addressed with 9 beta versions?
So is it final? iOS 11 shall be released on 12th September? Are all the issues addressed with 9 beta versions?
Nothing is final until Apple makes the official announcement of the iOS 11 release date, almost certainly during the Special Presentation on the 12th.
The major bugs and many minor bugs have been taken care of but there is no guarantee that there won't be any bugs in the release version.
So is it final? iOS 11 shall be released on 12th September? Are all the issues addressed with 9 beta versions?

when iOS11 is released as Scifan says there may well be bugs, but when you think about it, considering the number of Apple products on the market that will be capable of upgrading to this, and the multitude of Apps available in the App Store it would not be surprising if owners reported some problems. Just my opinion.
I am more excited about iOS 11's possible announcement rather than that of iPhone 8, even though the surprise factor is more in iPhone release.
Just a few more minutes till the Apple Event. In the mean time Apple has put up a preview site for iOS 11. Here's a screen shot of the device compatibility list.

iOS 11 Preview


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