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iPad Air2 Not Charging iOS 11

Giradman: perhaps try a load resistor and see what current is drawn from the chargers. Probably only a few seconds would be enough to get a reasonable current reading, but note the resistors could get hot, depending on value, size and resistance.

There are also plenty of these devices on Amazon as well, also at a very reasonable price, do a search for “usb load resistors”.

Thanks for the suggestions above - I'll check Amazon shortly - Dave :)
My iPad did not charge again last night, even though I checked it was charging by the green battery icon after I had heard the ’bong’. I plugged it in again to charge downstairs this morning, with the same charger and cable, and after an hour or so I noticed that it still was green, but with no higher percentage. I did a reset, without unplugging, and it is now charging, which eliminates the external equipment. Time to order one of the in line monitors discussed above.

Hopefully the charging problem is fixed on 11.1
NSquirrel, I’ll be interested to hear what you find. I have noticed in the last few days that when I plug in my iPad, I get the bong but the little lightning symbol doesn’t come on next to the charge status. I unplug and plug in again and the lightning symbol comes on. Could be a different problem but I have not experienced any charging problem before iOS 11.
Tweak2: do you get the same response with the lightning symbol if you unplug/ plug back in the usb connector, rather than the lightning connector? This would eliminate a lightning connector or perhaps cable problem.
I must say that I had not taken any notice of the lightning symbol, going by the ‘bong’ and the green- fill colour of the battery symbol. Shows how attentive I am! I will look more closely in future.
That’s a good question but have not tried it. Of course when I just now plugged it in all worked fine. Will let you know.

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