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iOS 11.2.5 glitches

Brian 244

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Oct 20, 2014
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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Noticing the following issues on my iPad Pro 10.5" after updating to iOS 11.2.5:

- the sleep / wake button, not responding when I try to put i Pad to sleep. I have to long press to power off , then cancel. After that it works fine. Happened twice in the last 24 hours.

- Facebook Messenger& iMessage notifications: Here the ping noise but screen won't light up.

Edit: the Smart Cover function is really sketchy as well.

Did a forced restart but still acting up.

Anyone else noticing similar problems?
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SO 11.2.5 may not have been the culprit after all. It was my Apple Pencil! There is a storage loop on the side of my case which places the Apple pencil right next to the magnets that trigger the smart cover. With the pencil stored tip facing down, the magnets that hold the charge cap on interfere with the sleep/ wake sensor on the ipad.
If only I had figured this out before I did a full restore and now have to wait for all of the apps etc to reload...
Ouch. At least you solved it, and the restore may make things a bit snappier. I’ve been thinking about a clean restor for mine, there are a few pauses and minor glitches, but I figure I’ll wait until after 11.3. I expect the last of the major bug fixes to be in place by then.

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