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Invisishield Rainbow Patches - Moisture under the shield?


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Mar 19, 2012
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Hi guys, just lookin for a bit of advice.

Got an invisible shield on the front and back of my iPad. I'm fairly experienced fitting these as I work for Carphone Warehouse and fit them for customers quite regularly.

Since fitting it to my new iPad I've noticed that there are a fair amount of small patches across the screen that are most noticeable against a white background when the screen is lit, which seems to distort the pixels and give a rainbow colour effect. It's quite frustrating sometimes, especially if you are a perfectionist like me :( it's not air bubbles, seems more like a tiny amount of solution left under the shield.

It's not under the screen, already checked by peeling the shield up. Shield has been on maybe a day and not noticed much improvement, I know it can take a week or longer for 'imperfections' to work their way out, but I have noticed my 4S has similar patches, albeit a lot less noticeable.

I've put the iPad in my airing cupboard as I read somewhere low humidity warm environments can help dry it out. Also it's worth noticing I haven't been able to move the patches at all with a squeegee.

Any advice, similar experience or flaming the new guy welcomed. :D


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