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Intermittent not connecting Ipad 3 with Verizon

Diane B

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May 8, 2010
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North Carolina
With my Ipad 3 I find it doesn't always connect with Verizon when I turn it on. It shows it is connected but there is no data exchange. After a soft reset it will search and find the network and work quite well. I don't know if this is and Ipad 3 issue, a Verizon issue, IOS 5.1 issue or my specific Ipad issue. Before I try for an exchange I'd like to see if others have the same problem.



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Mar 18, 2012
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United States
HELP with or without verizon service

I am on the fence whether to ipad with verizon antenna as I need to use this as a mobile hot spot often, I am now using a verizon mi-fi 4510 hotpot, with only fair results. A week ago on the 14th floor in jersey city nj overlooking manhattan..(mi-fi next to window "NO" awful signal)?Everywhere i drive in this area there are verizon billboards touting 4g? Also Device freezes after about an hour of use,then need to reboot mifi. Verizon has a 3g-4g issue when the hand off is done the hot spot usually will drop the connection. They know it, and have sent me three different devices N/C?
So with Verizon or wireless only ipad. I depend on a good hotspot.

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