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Instapaper for iOS Adds Speed Reading Option Along with Many other new Features


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Jun 22, 2012
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instapaper ios.jpeg

Instapaper is a tool for saving web pages to read later and it has about 2 million users. Many of these users come from iOS, as there is a special app for iPhone and iPad users, as well. And now the developer of the app has released a really useful feature which allows to read articles much faster. Here's how the official changelog sounds like:

  • Speed Reading! Breeze through articles quickly using speed reading while tracking the time you save across all of your articles
  • Lightning fast saves! The Instapaper save extension has been further optimized for speed and efficiency
  • Instant sync can be enabled in Settings to have new articles pushed directly to your device!
  • Tweet Shots: Share beautiful images of text selections or highlights to Twitter, and save space for your own thoughts!
  • Long press the archive button to delete articles
  • Region-specific language detection for text-to-speech
  • Fixed bug with handling App Store links from the in-app browser
  • Fixed AirPlay streaming while the app is in the background
  • Better styles for figure captions
  • Many other lovely improvements!
Speaking of the new features, Instapaper said the following on their official blog:

"Instapaper 6.2 just hit the App Store! Our focuses for this release were speed and efficiency, which are evident in three new features: speed reading, instant sync, faster saving"

Have a look at the video from below, as well, to have a better look at these new features in action:

Source: iTunes

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