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insert table in Mail (iPad 2)


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Feb 1, 2012
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hi all,

as titled, after search through the ipad dicussion session, I still didn't see any anwser yet.
is there any way to insert the table exactly as in Numbers(with table boarders and alignment) to the ipad Mail application.
I'm getting the text only and run out in alignment withot any table boarder lines and style in Numbers.

any guide or solution?
Not directly. The formatting in Numbers (or Pages) is not compatible with the two possibilities in Mail (HTML and RTF), so it only pastes plain text. I didn't think it was possible: But, I got curious and decided to play around.

I've got two (similar) solutions, resulting in two table styles for you.

Step 1: Copy the table cells you want in Numbers.

Step 2: Paste the Table in Pages.

Step 3: Mail the Pages document to yourself as a Word file.

or Step 3: Email the Pages document to your Evernote account as a Word File.

Step 4: Open the email and view the Word document in Quick Look. Select and copy the table.

or Step 4: Open and view the document in Evernote. Select and copy the table.

Step 5: Paste in the body of your email.

Result 1:


Result 2:


There are probably other variations on this. It might be possible to do this by exporting as Excel from Numbers too, and that might result in yet another style of table. I didn't try. I'll leave you to figure out that, and other variations based on the apps you have available.

Edit: After a little more experimentation I discovered that the difference in table styles has nothing to do with using Evernote or Quick Look, which makes sense. They both use the same display engine on the iPad. The single line boarders happen when you only select the table. You get the double line boarder when you select the entire document or page.
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thanks twerppoet for the detailed guides and instructions, appreciate it much! thumbs up!
I will give it a try and feedback again, stay tuned~~ ^^
hi twerppoet, your solution is the only one working right now.
thanks and cheers for it~~ ^^

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