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iMessages Server Problem


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Aug 1, 2012
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I am having troubles with iMessages, well, my Internet provider and iMessages.
I'm kinda not sure how to explain my problem, so bear with me a bit.
My Internet provider is kinda crappy. Some of the websites I wasn't able to load recently (random websites). and to make this work, I had to contact them, tell them about these specific websites, and they made them work. I'm really not sure what they did, probably unblocked their domains from their servers or something.

So then with iMessages, I face the problem that, I don't receive my messages in time. like, 8 messages could have been sent to me over the past 30mins, then suddenly, I receive them all at once!

When I switch my Internet provider (to 3G, or another wifi network of my neighbor's that is supported by another carrier) the problem is gone. but when I switch back to mine, it's back again. this is why I'm suspecting that my provider also has the same problem with iMessages as it did with those other previous random websites.

Also, it kinda responds to a wake up call. where somebody might've sent me 9 messages over the past 20min, and I'm not getting them so far.. but when I open iMessages, and try to Send him a message (like, "hellooo" or smth), iMessages wakes up, and receives all his past 9 messages at one instant!
so it's like when I'm sending a message, it decides to reconnect, and receive my past messages from others!

BUT then of course, iMessages does not simply have a website that I could give to my provider to check if they have any issues with it or not. but isn't there like a server or smth that iMessages works on? maybe I could give this to them to handle.

OR my problem could be entirely different :( and not caused by my provider. I'm really not sure. what could be causing this?

anybody have faced the same scenario as I have explained above before, and knows a fix for it?? it's really desperate chatting like that. u always feel like ur being ignored xD

I really hope I made this as clear as possible.
thanks for reading the long thread
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Jul 17, 2012
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The same thing happens with my iPad 2. All my messages come at once for every contact I have! It is quite annoying especially if the message was important. I'm not sure about the setup of your iPad so perhaps turn on notifications if you haven't already.


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Jan 17, 2013
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My I pad will not let me set up I messages at all I put in my email and password that had worked for everything else on my iPad but it just says verifying and then goes back to the original screen where it askes for my password again

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