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I'm missing apps!!!!


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Jul 10, 2010
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Hi all I downloaded and installed Dragon's Layer (yes that awesome 80's game) and a street racer (fast lane lite)

I played both on the ipad. let my son play dragon's layer. He shut it down. then I went and grabbed it two hours later and they're gone. I did download them to my computer so I am reloading them again.

I did try a search and they didn't come up. BTW I only have about 15 apps - 3 pages or so.

Anyone experience this or know what happened?

Or is there a delete/trash on the ipad that I don't see.

I've searched the forums and the internet I can't find any info on this.

Thanks for any help!
Your son might have deleted them from the iPad. Hold the icon until it wiggles, then you touch the little x on the upper left. That deletes it ffrom the iPad. Thankfully, you can redownload them again from the AppStore without having to pay for the app again.

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