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Problem with iTunes app on iPad


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Jun 16, 2010
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Just recently when I try to open the itunes app on the ipad it opens briefly then shuts down and opens the app store. The app store app goes straight to a leave a review page for one of my apps. Have done soft and hard restart with no luck. Think this began when I did a "update all apps" and one of them got "stuck" half way thru. If I clicked on this app a popup would say that I have purchased this app but have not download it, go to itunes and download it and the re-sync. Which I did and it worked fine. Still problem continues with itunes app opening then closing then opening the app store app. Thanks for any assistance.
Apple support helped me solve it. Reset the ipad. Setting..General...Reset...Reset all. Didn't lose any data
and it fixed it. Good luck.

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