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How to watch most any LIVE sporting event on iPad: NBA, MLB, NASCAR, EURO2012, Boxing


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Dec 23, 2010
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Skyfire App now has a 'Trending Now' feature on it's start page which shows real time the most popular videos being viewed by Skyfire users - This is where you'll find links to most any live sporting event that the masses are watching: Last week it was Euro2012 football/soccer matches, Heat vs. Thunder NBA final games and the US.Open. Never be without Skyfire on your iPad - stream games all the time.

Link to Skyfire for iPad: Skyfire Web Browser for iPad - Flash Video Enabled Multi User Social Browser for iPad on the iTunes App Store

We have Skyfire for iPhone, too!

Try to use skyfire app.I is tested both for iPhone4 and iPad 2.It woks for both.

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