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how to delete music directly from ipad without itunes


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Mar 15, 2011
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Baltimore, MD USA
hello everyone,
how to i delete music files directly from my ipad without using itunes or connecting it to a pc. or perhaps if there is an app or paid app that will allow me to delete music songs from my ipad without connecting it to itune on a pc. i will pay for the app.

its an ipad 2 and it is not jail broken

You could first copy your mp3 using FileBrowser and after delete anytime from this program. It creates folders for you.
Have you tried selecting the media to be deleted in the list view and sliding your finger from right to left?
Thank you guys for your respond. I like the filebrowser idea. however, i have a few questions.
does filebrowser work on un-jail break devices?
Can i transfer my music to filebrowser using the usb interface?

Does filebrowser appear like a removable storage device in windows explorer when i connect the device to it using the usb interface. or does filebrowser need a client software on the host computer similar to itune?

Transfering my music files over wifi or bluetooth is not going to work, i have a large music collection. over 4500 songs. wifi and usb will take too long, will have to be usb.

Thank you guys for your respond. I like the filebrowser idea. however, i have a few questions.
does filebrowser work on un-jail break devices?

Transfering my music files over wifi or bluetooth is not going to work, i have a large music collection.


FileBrowser is legal program, it connects wifi to your home network. Speed depends on your wifi home network speed, mine is fastest available. Other options there but I don't use them. $2 in apple store.
I copy 400mb of photos, lots of mp3 on my ipad2. You could preview or play them inside FileBrowser.
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ok, that filebrowser trick did not work. i paid $3.99 for that app and now i'm begging apple for a refund.

i was able to connect to my pc and transfer files and all. but it cannot delete any songs from my "music" library. i'm talking about all the current songs from my music library in the ipod app built in the ipad. i loaded over 4500 on my ipad and i just wanted to delete a few songs on my spare time while on the road that i don't like to save space for other stuff.

the filebrowser app can create it own folder and put shared movies and music to its own folder, but the movies and music from this filebrowser app folder cannot be access with the stock ipod app and the Videos app.
i will have to use the filebrowser app everytime i want to play the music and video file. which i find quite inconvinient since i prefer the feel of the ipod app interface better.

the sliding the finger from right to left does not work either. i'm refering to deleting songs from the "music" library in the ipod app. not deleteing the songs from the playlist you created. since when you delete a song from the playlist, the song is still there, it's just remove from the list but still appear in the music library collection.

look like i'm back to square one.:(
This is one of those 'features' by design. Apple would say... "why would you ever want to delete a song you bought from our store?" oh you didnt buy the eong from apple? We dont care for those that try to do things in a different way.

As much as I would like the iPad to replace my regular computer it doesn't. You still have to manage your music library from a computer. There may be some backwards way of deleting the file from your library, but I have not seen it, and you certainly can't do it inside of the iPod application.
Ok, The playlist give me an idea. So i sync all my songs from the computer itune library to the ipad music library. then i create a playlist on my ipad with only songs i like to keep. then when i connect my ipad back to the computer again, my playlist that i created on my ipad will be sync with the music library on the computer itunes, and then i choose to sync only songs from the playlist that i created. This would result in only having the songs that i like to have on my ipad. Does this idea sound valid and doable?

Sound like a pain in a arse! but i cannot sit infront of the computer and edit a list of 4500 songs.
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Very gold trick

Ha digging up and old thread here. You're behind the times on this one buddy. Issue was with iOS before version 5. Although, if I still think now with iTunes match and iOS 5 you still can't delete a song from your cloud library without a computer. It just removes it from the device. Perhaps it doesn't even matter now to xxcysxx
old news bud. with iOS 5 i can just delete songs directly from my iPhone. i even verify in the general tab song count to make sure. it decrement every time i delete a song. no worry.

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