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How to copy an iPad app before resetting


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Mar 7, 2011
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Lancashire, England
Hi! I bought the original iPad last year whilst travelling and they set it up instore for me. I have never synced it to my computer because it won't recognise it so it needs resetting. In preparation for this I have managed to drag everything off it, photographs, music etc, using a 3rd party application. I know that I can redownload purchased apps from the app store again but there is one app that is no longer available. It is the original Jumsoft iPad Money and it is no longer available as they have a new version out. I don't want to buy the new version as it isn't compatible with my desktop version of Money (there's a new version out of that too). The 'Transfer purchases' option isn't available in iTunes when I connect the iPad either. I have contact Jumsoft, no joy. Is there anyway I can copy the Money app from my iPad to my MacBook and then transfer it back? Would be very grateful for any help :)

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