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How many WiFi's will be exchanged for 3Gs on Friday


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May 1, 2010
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I can't justify a 3G model and another $30/month. Just makes no sense if I have to have a phone with me wherever I go and that phone has unlimited data.

What's ironic is that I used to have my 3GS jailbroken for the sole purpose of sharinf it's data connection over wifi. But I had a problem and AT&T installed the latest OS. So now I am considering a windows modile or android phone to replace my 3GS so that I can share data with my wifi iPad. I wonder how many people are in a similar situation of selling their iphone because of no tethering?

Go into Cydia under System and search MyWi. Install and pay the 9.99. This will turn your jailbroken iPhone 3GS into a wifi hotspot. Enjoy your 3G enabled iPad. (as a bonus you can connect multiple devices as well)

That would be great if AT&T hadn't installed 3.1.3. I did have mywi and it was nice. Can't jailbreak 3.1.3 though so I'm stuck with a windows phone for data on the road on my iPad.

Oh.. Your choices just got limited. Hopefully the 4G gets broken quickly. (assuming you'll upgrade)

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