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How many pages of apps?


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Apr 28, 2010
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Just wondering how many pages of apps you can have on the iPad, anyone know? Thanks :)
I think 9 but there are jailbreak extensions to make it unlimited.
11 pages here, been that way from my first WiiFi unit and syncing with iTunes.

It copied all my apps and made an overflow so i removed all the apps not being used currently and have kept it down to 11 since.
I then rotate out what is phased out as I replace certain apps with either iPad updates or ones that just take over old iPhone app uses.

After getting the 3G i cloned the WiFi setup to it and again sorted apps to reduce clutter and to more mainstream the function of this particular iPad as my mobile office suite.

I still have apps on my main 3GS that the iPad can't do and others on the test iPhones I use for developing. I would probably delete some apps that are not used any longer, but for fear of having to pay for otherwise once free apps again once they are perhaps worthy updates, I just keep them around.

I'm sure we all have junk apps that never get tossed until they have a use or a new outlook and then there are those that just seem like they were forgotten by the devs that made them.

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