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Moving apps from page to page


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Sep 21, 2012
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How do I move apps from one page to another page?
How do you make new folders?
Thank you.
How do I move apps from one page to another page?

Press and hold an icon until they all start to "wiggle." Then, press and hold one icon and drag to to the side of the page. Hold it against the page until the page turns. Then, you can release it. Note that this takes a bit of practice, because sometimes the pages don't move as quickly as you'd like. Just keep at it.

Or, you can move the icon(s) that you wish to move to the dock, then swipe to the page you wish. Once at the new page, you can then move the icon(s) up from the dock. Makes moving multiple icons much easier...

How do you make new folders?
Thank you.

Make the icons wiggle (as described above). Then, press on one icon, hold the press and drag it on top of another icon. They will appear to merge together and then a folder will appear with both icons in it. You can keep putting icons into a folder the same way (up to 20 will fit) and you can re-name the folder whatever you wish. To name it, press the white line above the icons (that already has a title made by the iPad) and then remove the title and put your own.

Oh, and once you've made them, you can move folders from page to page using the same process to move icons.

Hope this helps.


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