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How do you find any magazines that are ready for the iPad?


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Mar 20, 2010
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I think it would have been better to add the magazine subscriptions to the ibooks store instead of the app store

Many publishers don't want to give Apple the 30% cut off the price. I don't blame 'em! If they do it in their own app they can keep the prices low for the consumer and have greater control over their own content. The individual magazine apps don't bother me too much. Like for my Advanced Photoshop Magazine app. I know when I click on the app that it is gonna launch a bookshelf of JUST those magazines... I don't have to go scrolling through other magazines and books to find that one issue I'm looking for. I kinda like it being it's own separate app. And with folders coming up in OS4.0... I'll be able to have a "magazines" folder where I can keep all my magazine app icons. I can even group it down further if I want and have a folder for just my designer mags... a folder for my news mags... etc... I like the idea of that control!
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Mar 16, 2010
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Anchorage, Alaska
The April 12th edition of Time Magazine has articles on the iPad and Steve Jobs. In a related article "To Our Readers - Ushering In a New Era" it says that Time is working on an iPad version of Time Magazine. Also a page 9 advertisment talks about the new "Time Moble App" but it doesn't mention any thing about the iPad version, so it may not be out yet. Recommend you go to app.time.com for the latest info.

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