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A killer PDF on the iPAD


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Oct 31, 2010
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My hunt (89 years old) wanted to get her own iPAD. She reads only German. So in order to test her ability to navigate with the iPad I downloaded some newspaper and Magazines in German.
I was amazed at how quick she got the hang of the iPAD. It was love on 1st site. ( we are waiting now for the iPAD2 to by a 16G/Wifi-only for her.
Any way. there was one magazine that after opening it on the iBook Application, It crashed, and threw me out of the iBook application.
Now here is the catch. I opened the iBook Application again, which has the ability to get back to the exact point where I left it. In my case it is the bad magazine ( shows only the 1st page which is the cover - and get stuck there).
That exact point is the cover of the bad magazine, so it crashed again.
deleting the "ruining" application from the "multi task " bar dose not help either.
Even a total restart of the iPad was problematic.
As soon as it restarted and I selected the iBook application, It did remember the Bad Cover magazine, and killed the iBook Application.
Luckily, now the next time I activated the iBook, It will open only the Shelf, so I could delete the bad magazine.

I tried that process 3 times. Happened every time.

So there IS an almost killer application for the iPAD.
Do you have a Mac or PC? I often have weird compatibility problems because I use hundreds of PDFs. If on a Mac, just open it in the default PDF viewer thing, and do a Save As... In 100% of my tests, that fixes iPad compatibility unless the PDF was intentionally corrupted by hackers and scammers.

Is she German, Swiss or Austrian? My girlfriend is also only German speaking, and we love the 20 Minuten Blick app.
I am using Windows 7 . No problem with opening the file on the PC.
But never mind. I just mentioned it here as a kind of warning the "sh.. happens" even with iPAD.

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