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How do I install apps on my ipad 2? (in my situation please help)


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Mar 21, 2012
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I'm new to ipad and i dont know how to install apps on it.
This is my situation:

I think i had successfully jailbroken my ipad 2 using absinthe after following some instructions on how to jailbreak by absinthe, and i already had Cydia on my ipad2.
but as of now i only have lan internet connection, no wifi.

How do i install apps through computer?

I tried i tunes and opened apple store then selecting on free apps but it says i need to modify apple id on the ipad same with using icloud but since i dont have a wifi i cant modify. any other way how to install apps on ipad? with just having Lan Internet connection and A PC ?
Hi Ryst.
You may want to try posting your question in the 'iPad Hacking' section as you could get a more experienced audience to answer your question.
And welcome to the forums, by the way!
Open iTunes and select the advanced tab at the top. Authorize your iPad to be synced to your PC.

Then download whatever app your wanting from iTunes on your PC. Sync it from iTunes to your iPad.
That simple. :)

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