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Help - NAS folders not visible on Buzz Player


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Feb 2, 2012
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Hi I'm hoping somebody can help me with an issue whihc is driving me mad!

I have a Buffalo Linkstation NAS drive, on to which I have recently added all of my media files. I recently renamed a number of the folders which had already transferred onto the NAS, to tidy up the names etc.

Since then I have found that all of the files I renamed have disappeared when I try and view the NAS through my Xbox 360. This has been bugging me for some time..... However, I have also downloaded Buzz Player for my iPad last night and I have found that the same folders which have disappeared from view on my Xbox are also not visible through Buzz Player.

I should mention that I have also been using the AirPlayIt app for ipad, and had no such problems with this App. Also, I can view all of the folders when I vew the drive through my PC.

Can anybody please help with some idea of why the files might have disappeared - and how I can get them to appear again? Any help gratefully received!

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