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having problems with scrubbing video and safari crashing.


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Sep 28, 2011
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O these are two separate problems I'm having. The first has always happened and the latter has only happened since the update.

important details: iPad 2 32gb wifi, iOS 5.0, nothing jailbroken or modified always have up-to-date apps.

First problem: when I'm watching a video the audio and the picture get separated and there is a terrible lag for anywhere from 2-15 seconds then the video catches up at lightning speed. Also when I try to scrub, rewind, or restart videos (especially YouTube) it restarts buffering sometimes. This only happens every other time though. Other times it will keep all the buffered data and run just fine. Any ideas? I did some searching and found that this might be something fairly common but I wasn't able to find any answers.

Second: safari has been either crashing or minimizing itself at random but only when I'm typing. It opens up right where I was but deletes all the text I typed. Normally this doesn't bother me but when I am typing a long post or message on a forum it makes me fairly aggravated. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated. :) thanks.
As for your problems, I strongly suggest that you check your memory if it is full then discard unimportant apps and recorded media to speed up your system. For the video problem especially utube viewing, sometimes if the connectivity over wifi is not fast utube may not run or even hookup. In that case restart the system again and clear up running apps in the background. However, to enjoy ios5 most try tutorial videos or even find time to read the user manual. Thanks.

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