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Greetings from TX


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Mar 17, 2011
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Hello all,
Just found your forum/app after picking up our second iPad.

This is actually my third post here thus have been welcomed already yet figured I had a moment and am playing with our newest iPad thus would say hello up front properly. :)

Funny thing is last year when the iPhone 4 launched we owned a whopping single Apple device, and it was the smallest and cheapest - that postage stamp sized single GB MP3 player. From July 2010 to now we have acquired an iPhone 4, 27 inch iMac, 3 iTouch's, a Nano, and now our second iPad. :)

The other funny thing is I'm a diehard Windows/PC guy - and still am yet that doesn't and obviously hasn't stopped me/family from enjoying the fine Apple products. Apple is no different than most companies and has their pros and cons not to mention business practices that many of us might not agree with. But heck, they are in it to provide a product and of course make some profit. You can't blame them for that and sure as heck can't fault many of their devices. And my wife has already stated that she will never own any other cell phone than an iPhone. Since she just recently took over my original iPad and loves it, my guess is she will be saying the same about it in 6 months.

No the iPad isn't for everyone, but it definitely fits into both my wife and I's personal and professional lives. Like many, the iPad2 wasn't a requirement/want. I would love the speed yet still prefer the feel of the first gen. My gut tells me iPad3 will be my next upgrade.

Upfront/sincerely, thanks for all of the info, expertise and time many of you place helping others on this forum. I'm glad I found you and can only hope to contribute vise only pestering for help..... :)

16GB / Wifi
32GB / 3G

Cheers all,



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Jan 3, 2011
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Great to hear from you again...and what a wonderful summary of the iPad and its application. I couldn't agree more - I hope all our members read your outstanding summary. Maybe the iPad is not for everyone but for some of us, me included, it's been a great revelation.

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and I hope those who are undecided read your considered thoughts.

Well, it's a (very) rare sunny day in Scotland - cold, but sunny...I suspect the weather is better with you.. a little snow around, but none of that cold biting wind that we often have.

I hope that you have a great day and you enjoy your iPads.

Please post again soon.



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May 2, 2010
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Hah, me too. It all started with an iPod touch for a kid, and I wanted to dpsee that silly Apple toy. Days later an iPhone, iPad (1) at launch, MacBook Pro shortly after.

In case I missed the first time - Welcome!

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