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Ghost app won't load or go away?!


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May 17, 2012
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First time poster here...
...and it's a doozy...
Itried to load Angry Birds Space HD as entertainment before a long flight, but it never loaded. ?? It just says "Waiting" or "Installing", but never does anything. If I press and hold the app, it wiggles, but has no "x".

Here is what I've tried so far to resolve the issue (unsuccessfully):

1. Logging out and back into my AppleID.
2. Turning off/on my iPad.
3. Hard syncing once I got home with my PC iTunes. (The Angry Birds Space is listed as an app on there.)
4. Deleting the app from my PC iTunes, re-downloading, and re-syncing. (The ghostly, non-working app stays on my iPad even though it has been removed from my computer iTunes and I have synced that change??)
5. Rebooting iPad (holding down home button and power button for about 10 seconds until it turns back on).
6. Using both WiFi (several places) and Cellular to try to download it.

So far, nothing will shake this dumb ghostly app! Any suggestions would be great!

Also, if reseting the iPad to factory conditions is my only option...(?)...how do I ensure that it is properly backed up? And, how do I do this reset?

Oh, and I have successfully downloaded other apps since this crazy one didn't work. ??
If you double click your home button, does it show up as running on the bottom? If so maybe you can shut it down there.
bsjgriffin said:
It doesn't show up down there...or on my list of apps in Settings. ?

Angry birds space should show up in settings toward the bottom if your looking for thati but u cant do any thing with it but justlook if the ipad thinks its there
I recently went through the same thing with my iphone. I did all the things you did, and even searched out YouTube videos for online help. Nothing worked and I had to restore my phone to factory settings.

I don't feel qualified to tell you how to back up and all that, though. I'm always surprised when I manage to do it successfully.

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