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Froggies - Cute logical puzzler


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Jan 29, 2012
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Czech Republic


★★★ #1 Puzzle and Board Game in the Czech App Store ★★★

Bend your mind and test your concentration, with Froggies – a brand new, ultra challenging puzzle based board game!

Can you solve the mind boggling puzzles and remove all of your Froggies from the game board? Can you deliver the Froggie Princess to safety and get yourself a 3 Star rating in the process? It’s all part of the ultra challenging game play and super-addictive strategy you’ll need to master to become the King of the Frog Kingdom!

Inspired by the classic puzzle game peg solitaire, Froggies add a refreshing new twist by having five different colored Froggies, each jump and behave differently, creating many unique puzzles each requiring a new strategy to solve.

Put your strategic brain to the test and step into the shoes of the most puzzling amphibians you’ve ever met with Froggies!


• 100 puzzles to solve (20 for FREE)
• 5 Unique Froggies to master
• Game Center Leader Boards
• 34 Game Center Achievements
• Twitter and Facebook integration
• Expand the game via in-app purchases

How to play:

• Tap a Froggie to see it's possible moves (highlighted by a blue circle)
• Tap a blue circle to jump the Froggie
• Jump the Froggies in such a way to have only the Froggie Princess remaining.

iTunes Link: http://bit.ly/froggi
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