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Paul & Percy on iPad


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Jul 28, 2011
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Get the game here:
Paul & Percy for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Paul & Percy is a NO-NONSENSE PUZZLE GAME where you have to co-operate with yourself in order to progress through a strange but inviting world. Jump, push and stomp your way through an epic puzzling adventure. Took a wrong step? No problem, the 5th dimension features a handy rewind button that makes puzzle solving more fun than ever.

OLD-SCHOOL PUZZLES, NEW SCHOOL FEATURES. The challenges are similar to that of old school puzzlers, but with the features and accessibility, that the gamers of today have come to expect. Made a mistake? Rewind! Messed up? Restart! Got stuck? Choose a new level! Hooked? With 50 levels, bonus biscuits and 15 achievements, there’s plenty of stuff to do!
The iPad verion of the game features New Levels, Puzzles, Achievements, Sounds and updated graphics.

We have decided to make an old style gameplay video that shows of what the game really is about and does not hide behind fancy editing and special effects. We hope you like it.

Loveable and cute characters – Paul & Percy are surrounded by friends that help them solve the different puzzles. They ensure that the puzzles are always new, unique and challenging

50 Levels – Fun, Diverse and Challenging. Extensive testing has ensured that the levels stay fresh requires ample thought to complete!

Level Selection Map – Stuck? No problem, just return to the map and choose a different path. There are plenty of levels to explore.

Boss Battle – The storyline of Paul & Percy is told through a series of cut scenes culminating in a hilarious boss battle.

Biscuits – Cannot get enough? Go for the biscuits! Scattered around the world, these delicious treats are quite a challenge to obtain.

Medals – For the Paul & Percy aficionado we have Medals! Complete a level perfectly and receive a precious gold medal for your troubles.

15 Achievements – Last but not least, for the players who choose to do so, a host of different achievements can be pursued. Can you get them all?

Rewinding – Took a wrong step? No problem, the 5th dimension features a handy rewind button that makes puzzle solving more fun than ever.


The first reviews are in:
Toucharcade.com 4/5
"This is one of those games where you stare at the screen for a while and then suddenly experience a wonderful eureka moment when you spot the solution"
Paul & Percy Review | Touch Arcade

Appgemeinde.de 5/6
+ Nice and clear graphics
interesting gameplay +
+ is also a local 2-player match possible
+ pleasant retro chiptune sound
+ good increase in difficulty
through + Achievements replayability factor
App Gemeinde » Review: Paul & Percy – Rätselspaß in der 5. Dimension (German)

Paul & Percy was nominated as Nordic Indie Sensation 2011.
"Paul & Percy was championed by several enthusiastic supporters in our jury, who touted the game’s charming sense of style and cleverly designed puzzles. With an impressive amount of content and varying gameplay elements, it’s the kind of game that made us say: “just one more level.”"

A very early version of Paul & Percy received an honorable mention in the 2011 IGF Student competition.
"This is a lovely game. The puzzle mechanic is interesting and new, and the presentation is delightful. Great stuff!".

Paul & Percy for iPad on the iTunes App Store
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