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Flash and the iPad

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Aug 30, 2010
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Western NY state (USA)
Thank you for posting your question about Flash (or landing at this sticky because you found it in a search of the forum about Flash on the iPad). However, the Admin and Staff here at iPadForums.net believe Apple will never allow Flash on the iPad. In 2010, Steve Jobs himself posted a white paper on why Apple has chosen to not work with Flash for/on the iPad. It can be found here: Thoughts on Flash

There are some apps that indirectly bring Flash videos to your iPad by first transcoding the Flash content on to their own servers and then serving them as HTML5 to you. In no particular order, the more popular apps are iSwifter, Photon, Skyfire and Cloud Browse. Maybe those will help you; they can be found in the App Store for varying prices. Please be aware this is not an all-inclusive list nor do these apps work as well as using a computer/device that runs Flash natively.

In addition, many members use a remote access app that allows them to access their personal computers in order to stream Flash to their devices. These remote apps work the same way as the paid apps mentioned above. The only exception is that you are streaming the Flash from your personal computer, not from a developer’s server. Some of the more popular apps for this purpose are (again, in no particular order): Splashtop, LogMeIn and TeamViewer. Again, this list is not all inclusive, as you may find an app that works for you that is not mentioned here.

As an extra, final note, many popular sites offer iPad and iPhone apps to access their content (bypassing the Flash issue). Most of the major television broadcasters offer apps, while many banks, news sites, clubs, self-help organizations and stores, etc., have apps you can access. Ultimately, a search of the App Store is always a good idea when you are looking for Flash alternatives. You may be surprised by what is available.

Overall, we are a private forum here at iPadForums.net and not affiliated with Apple in any way; we are merely ardent fans of the iPad and wish to share our pleasure of the device with others. However, if you wish to air your concerns to Apple about the Flash issue, please visit the Apple support site, which is linked here: Apple - Support - iPad

Again, we thank you for your question/concerns. However, as this issue is not one we here at the forum can help with, we will close any threads that ask about Flash and direct you to this note. We wish you luck on your search and hope that these notes will help you in your quest for Flash.

Good luck and thank you for your understanding.

Admin and Staff
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