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First iPad 2 Teardown Appears Online at iFixit


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Most people who managed to get their hands on an iPad 2 yesterday probably got it home and then started running a few apps, maybe surfing the web a little, giving it a little polish possibly, but not the brave folks at iFixit, oh no! As MacRumors reports, iFixit got to work straight away pulling their shiny new 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 to bits, all so we could find out exactly what makes it tick inside. What they found inside first off was the same Broadcom touch controllers and Wi-Fi chip that were in the first iPad. All iFixit could find out about the A5 chip is that it was made in January/February this year, but they couldn’t tell yet whether or not it was made by Samsung or TSMC. They found that the reason Apple was able to make the iPad 2 so much thinner was because the three-cell 25 watt-hour battery is much flatter than that in the first iPad, although they say it only has a little more power than the original iPad’s 24.8 watt-hour battery. It would also appear that the larger speaker grill in the new iPad is more cosmetic than anything, as iFixit say that the actual speakers inside the casing are still very small, almost an “afterthoughtâ€. Unlike the empty spaces that iFixit found inside the original iPad, the iPad 2, they say, is very densely packed, with many parts held together by glue, rather than screws. Enjoy the video!

Source: iPad 2 Teardown: A5, 'Neat and Tidy' Interior, Massive But Thin Battery - Mac Rumors

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