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Factory reset iPad 2 but passcode disabled and iTunes not recognizing


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Aug 5, 2017
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Dropped and broke the screen of my old iPad 2, forgot about it for a year, finally got the screen replaced but forgot the passcode, and my younger brother kept trying random 4 digit numbers and now it says "Try again in 23,396,665 minutes." So, I read around the web and always got the same solution which is to get the device into DFU mode by doing the 10 second hold method, then letting iTunes recognize it and factory resetting it. The problem is, iTunes (version does not detect the iPad when plugged in with or without it being in DFU mode. I have tried restarting the Apple Mobile Device Service, restarting computer, reinstalling iTunes, and ****-all. I am getting so triggered right now, please HELP.


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Dec 3, 2011
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Normally DFU mode will always work to restore an iPad. An exception is if there’s a hardware problem with the iPad, cable, or computer. There’s a possibility that there was more damage to the iPad than the broken screen or you accidentally damaged something while replacing the screen. Have you tried a different cable and different USB ports on the computer? If you have another computer, you could try the restore on that one.
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