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  1. R

    Factory reset iPad 2 but passcode disabled and iTunes not recognizing

    Dropped and broke the screen of my old iPad 2, forgot about it for a year, finally got the screen replaced but forgot the passcode, and my younger brother kept trying random 4 digit numbers and now it says "Try again in 23,396,665 minutes." So, I read around the web and always got the same...
  2. X

    How do I unlock my iPad after it is disabled to the "connect to iTunes" screen(I know its pasword)?

    To clarify my "friend" desided to be an idiot and disabled my iPad all the way to were it says "iPad is disabled connect to iTunes". Is thier a way to unlock it WITHOUT losing all my data and stuff on my iPad. I know my password its only disabled becuase of my "friends" stupidity.