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ipad 2

  1. L

    Is worthy Ipad 4?

    Hello guys. This week I bought an Ipad 4, because i'm needing a tablet for only read books and comics, this is my first second-hand apple product. I downloaded 3uTools and in battery section says that my battery life is in 93%, 31 recharges. Is it good? I realized that my Ipad takes 11 hours to...
  2. D

    Ipad2: Not connecting to store not updating IOS

    I have an old IPad 2 that stopped updating IOS at version 10, and does not connect with the apple store. How do I update IOS? If I update it, will it connect to the store, or it will never be updated because it is old and not supported anymore? Thanks.
  3. G

    apple id disabled

    my friend has the ipad 2, model a1395. she got it from her husband but when they devorced. she could not access anymore to device. her husband disabled the apple id. i set this device on factory settings with itunes and when i go to setup for configuring ipad every time i receive activation lock...
  4. Sargon

    iPad 2 will not back up

    I just acquired a new iPad pro and am trying to transfer all my apps, etc to it from my iPad 2. The problem is that my iPad 2 will not back up. I am running Windows 10 and am trying to backup the iPad 2 so I can "restore" to the new iPad pro. I have tried the iCloud backup but nothing...
  5. evennewerbie

    iPad 2 glued up

    For some weeks I have been noticing my ipad often quite 'sticky'. It would not always respond to stylus commands, and particularly Journal and other webpages would not scroll down, all would make me wait a minute or two before they decided to. Likewise sometimes with editing text, and a bit with...
  6. R

    Factory reset iPad 2 but passcode disabled and iTunes not recognizing

    Dropped and broke the screen of my old iPad 2, forgot about it for a year, finally got the screen replaced but forgot the passcode, and my younger brother kept trying random 4 digit numbers and now it says "Try again in 23,396,665 minutes." So, I read around the web and always got the same...
  7. Crchisholm

    Very slow iPad.

    I have an older iPad mini MD531LL/A with 16gb of mem. When I bought it, I had intended, and asked for a 32gb iPad. I Didn't notice that I got the 16 until sometime later. I have several computers (pc's) in my house and my wife has an iPad as well. My iPad seems to be the problem child. It...
  8. Mbagni

    From iPad 2 to IPad Pro how to transfer notes, calendar, etc.?

    Hi all, Sorry to bother the whole group with a very peculiar problem but I have just bought an iPad Pro and I wish to pass in it the information (notes, contacts and calendar) that are currently stored on my iPad 2 (glorious but with too few RAM!). Simple you would say: use iTunes to backup and...
  9. S

    Won't open certain websites

    My ipad 2 has the most recent ios update. It won't open certain websites [e.g. roku.com] that never gave me a problem before. I get error message that connection to server timed out. Also, it is very slow now.
  10. kathy025

    Apps not showing in iTunes

    iTunes Version: iOS Version: 9.2.1 (13D15) I recently downloaded apps from the Apps Store and when I sync with iTunes, the newly downloaded apps are not showing up. I already did File > Devices > Transfer Purchases but the apps are still missing. Any suggestions?
  11. Maga

    How to transfer files from Android to iPad mini ?

    I have a iPad mini and an android mobile phone I intend to transfer a video that is on Google Drive to the iPad but I have no option available on the iPad; on the other way, PC has the option to download. What can I do to overcome this? Thank you very much
  12. N

    Slow iPad 2

    Hi guys, just 'discovered' this forum. I have an iPad2 (64Gb version) bought in June 2012. Until a couple of months ago it worked like a dream. Now it's slow to open apps and slow to react to taps. I've tried limiting the app background refresh and closing apps that 'run' in the background, but...