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email contact not in "Contacts"


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May 22, 2010
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When I want to send an email to a particular friend, I start typing his name and two contacts for him show up. One is correct the other was mistyped and is incorrect. I want to delete the incorrect version.
When I go to the contacts app, only the correct contact is shown. The other is in Never Never Land.
Does anyone know how to get rid of the incorrect email contact?

Thanks for your help!
The Contact is probably not actually stored as a contact on your iPad.
Somehow, the Mail app accesses contacts on the email system you are set up to connect to.

I have my Mail set up to use my organization's Lotus Notes, through LN Traveller (for mobile devices).
I actually have very few contacts set up ON the iPad right now.
When I start typing in a name in the 'SendTo', it will indeed check and offer those contacts.

But it will actually offer contacts from my entire organization.
(a University System, over 100,000 people.)

So, check your contacts elsewhere... your machine you sync with, organizational lists, etc.
I don't know how it stores/accesses the other lists.
But it apparently does.

I was amazed the first time it did this.

Any idea on how to delete the unwanted, stored email addresses?
I can't get them to go away!

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