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Elgato EyeTV Mobile dongle brings live TV to the iPad 2


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Aug 17, 2010
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By Terrence O'Brien


Sure, Elgato already has an app that lets you stream TV to your iPad -- but that's only if they're being broadcast online. To pull in live TV over the air you'd need a TV-tuner, something that has, until now, been unavailable for Apple's popular slate. By the end of September that lack of broadcast television will become just a distant memory with the release of EyeTV Mobile, a £100 (about $163) dongle that connects to the iPad's proprietary port. The tuner will be able to pull in MPEG 2 streams over DVB-T, but won't work with DVB-T2 broadcasts like Freeview HD. Check out the source for more details.

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