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does anyone else do this as a basic set up of the imac


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Mar 28, 2010
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i am going with the 27 inchs screen unit on the imac to double as my tv unit also ..for iam wondering if anyone else use the same set up along how well does it work and how does the remotes controls for the dvr unit work and how to switch from the tv screen to the computer screen ..so any help here..

one one side is going to be the usb cable box system for mac along with the tv cable dvr unit for recording shows as need and watching them when i come home.

other side is set up with combo printer and scanner unit for home use

then a basic wired usb keyboard and mouse unit ..

on a walmart small folding table with a office chair for the use with the table as it need and pulled off to the side to watch tv and use the chair as the basic setting in the house ..or build something a lot more rugged but the same size and just ship up with the futon unit ..

then place the whole thing in front of the futon and that going to be my combo tv and computer section in the studio iam going to rent when i get up there ..

for my work hours run from about 2.,pm in the afternoon to about 11pm at night when i get off ..i have to go in when the people are there and start the workup and when the office people leave my side comes in and start the work on there system and main frame ..

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