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So how much money have you spent so far


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Mar 28, 2010
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Ok just sitting here in front of the tv and i was looking at my online buying for the last couple of days and i wondering who else is thinking the same thoughts.. i have i gone nuts on buying items for this thing..

i was looking at the credit card buying statement so far for the last week week ..

-x-Apple dock unit -x-$.29.oo
-x-Kensington sling bag with shipping and handleing -x-$.24.50
-x-Nuguard hardshell clear polycarbonate case-x-$.24.95
-x-Cimo anti glare screen protector -x-$.9.95
-x-Cimo sleeve case -x-$.14.95.
-x-Screen cleaning cloth .$.3.99
-x-Smart phone travel wall charger unit-x-$.9.95
-x-Radius Atomic bass ear phones-x-$.29.95
-x-diff apps and games and songs i found for on itunes for the units -x-$.30.oo
total so far ..$.177.24.dollars so far,,

iam going to give the Cimo anti glare screen protector unit first go and then move up to something else if it does not work ..

the smart phone travel wall charger is the type that the prongs folds down for travel so it can be put into a small bag for travel and it will flat unit for stowage inside the bag ..

for i figure a hardshell case along with a screen protector unit and a sleeve case for the unit to ride inside the sling bag so be all the protect the unit should need when in the bag and the outside the bag the hardshell case on the body and the anti glare screen protector unit should be enough to protect it when it out of the case and beening used ..

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