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People who hate Apple and anything apple devices


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Mar 28, 2010
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On a another forum iam on and i made the comment about useing the Apple Ipad unit to replace the laptop and along with buying another for use in my bad weather get out town cloths bag for i live and work a lot in southern Ca and it does have EarthQuakes and Forrest Fires as a one of the few natural disaster in that area .. ..For iam replace the small netbook computer and takeing the info of it and replaceing the unit with the 32.gb unit Ipad loaded with all the paper work for the ins coverage and other paperwork to replace things as need along with game and music and other things on it to keep me happy just in case i get some where i have to stay for a few days intill the problem is gone and i can get back home or go back to work ....

Part of the my get out of town apps on my Apple Iphone is a set of preloaded driveing maps for driveing in southern Ca area if a major earthquake should hit the area and i need to leave the area ..

The phone has preloaded on a file and it is design to give me eight diff routes to chose from if the big main routes are closed down because of the earthquake has put sections of road on the ground and they are blockage of the diff overpass out of the L.A area out towards my home in Az area along with the routes that takes me south toward San Degio and then turn about hour down the road and turn east and i can take a old road down into the back roads of Az state highway system .. ..

The program is made to show me where i can bypass some of the areas that might have a blockage from the earthquake and other damage to the road system wth notes of the side streets and areas that does not have a overpass on them or areas that can be gone through to get to a back way into the I40 highway ..Plus even with my reading glass it still hard to see the some of the routes units and preloaded gps route maps ..so i loaded them onto the Ipad for better viewing in the long run ..

It like your spending your money on this and your buying it for this reason that so stupid and it a bigger piece of crap and it will burn out in a couple months leaveing you with a use peice of junk ..Along with it will not last that long and you can pick up at the electrics second hand store here in a couple of years ..

Does anyone else ever get that about buying products at time ..it like this people can not live inless they are putting down some new product out there..


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Feb 3, 2010
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Dude, i have read similar stupid comment on a french forum dedicated for iPhone , i suppose the criticize the iPad because they can't afford it , or maybe their wife (if they have) refuse they buy one ....

just look a the bright side of the world and ignore the dark side :D

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