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Deleting files from iPad?


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May 4, 2010
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Land O Lakes, FL
I have been checking out various DVD converters, and the only way to see if/how they would play on iPad was to load them into iTunes and sync. Well, that left me with a bunch of trash until I found the one I wanted.

I deleted the unwanted movies from iTunes; I've deleted the files from my computer. However, they appear to be alive and well on iPad from the previous syncs. If I can avoid a restore, I'd like to; I have a lot of other things going on (like my books) and "special" things in Settings (that make things work better) that would be real annoying to restore.

I was kinda surprised that the iPad doesn't show up as an external storage device; my iPods did, so I could change things in them. Not so with iPad.

Suggestions, please?
The next time you sync your iPad, UN-check the movies you don't want then re-sync.


On the screen that shows the movies, select one you want to delete from the iPad. Put your finger on it and hold: it will "grey" out and a little X will show up on the upper left corner. Tap the X and it will ask you if you wish to delete it. Confirm and VOILA! It no longer exists on the iPad.

Supposedly, if it's still in your library, you will have it. However, these were files I wanted to delete forever and ever, so they're gone/gone.

I KNEW all those books I purchased to learn how to use this thing would pay off eventually! Hope this helps someone else.

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