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Delete a sinle photo from an album - not all albums!


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May 30, 2011
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I have created an album moved several photos to it. When I returned to the original album to delete the original photo it ask "delete everywhere - photo in two albums". I don't want to delete all of them - just one.

How can I only delete the original photos not the ones in the new album?

The albums do not transfer the photos. They have an indicator (like the desktop icons on your pc) to the original photos. You will always have an all photos group with the originals where deleting will delete from created albums.

You're run into one of the annoying aspects of the iPad's photo handling. Prior to iOS 5 you could not create an album via the iPad; you had to do it on a computer that supports a "common file system." Once you created such a folder on your computer you could then "sync" the folder to your iPad and the photos would show up in an "album" on your iPad. It was a PITA workaround to cope with the weakness of the iPad's file handling capabilities.

OK. Now with iOS 5.x you can create an "album" on the iPad. But Apple's implementation is (to put it diplomatically) half-assed. The "albums" you create via the iPad from the Camera Roll are not true folders. Rather, they are simply lists of photos in the Camera Roll. When you view the album you're just looking at a filtered list of photos in the Camera Roll. (You'll notice, that you cannot delete a photo in the album you've created; you can only delete from the "master" set in the Camera Roll.) Thus, if you try to delete the "original" (though it's not the "original;" it's the only one) the iPad asks whether you want to delete it from all albums in which it sits. But of course it's not in the other "albums" since the other "albums" are not sets of individual photos; they're simply filtered lists of photos in the Camera Roll.

So this brings us back to what you can do. The only option is the approach used before iOS 5.0. Sync your photos to your computer. Find where they are located. Create a new folder and copy the photos you want in a new album to that folder. Sync with your iPad again and make sure you include the new folder(s) you've created on your computer. Now you can delete the "original" in the Camera Roll without affecting the copy you made and placed in another folder/album on your computer.

Aren't you glad you're using an Apple product that "just works?" :)
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Hello and welcome to the forum! :)

I'd suggest some clarification, e.g. 'what is the 'original album', i.e. your 'Camera Roll', one created in the 'Photo App', or one sync from your computer - really makes a difference. Images in the 'Camera Roll' can be deleted via the iPad, however, if you have copied one or more into another folder created via the app, then only a 'link' is setup between the two images (the photo is NOT duplicated, just saves memory) - a single photo is easily deleted if it only represents a 'link' - however, if you delete the photo from the camera roll, the link(s) to this image in another folder(s) will also disappear; also, 'links' in created folders can be deleted individually.

Now this does not address photos that you have sync from the computer - please let us know if the above helps w/ your issue or whether you are attempting another maneuver - good luck!

P.S. sorry jsh1120 - we were composing our responses at the same time! :eek: Dave
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