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create download folder on desktop


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Feb 18, 2022
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I'm new to ios
i just wanna create desktop folder...
direct all downloads to it..

i can't find answer anywhere..

There is no such thing as desktop folder in iOS/iPadOS. All file functions outside of apps are handled in the Files app.

You can set a download folder for Safari in Settings > Safari > Downloads. Access the folder in the Files app.

Keep in mind that if Safari does not explicitly ask you if you want to download a file, then it has not been saved. Many file types, by default, are opened in a Safari tab. You have to explicitly choose to save them using the Share Sheet (box with up arrow icon) and choose Save to Files. Or you can long press on the link and choose Downlaod Linked File from the pop-up menu. The first method will force you to navigate tot he folder you want the download in. The second will download to Safari’s default folder.

The iPad is not like Windows. It only has a few similarities to macOS. Somethings are better. Somethings are worse. The more you are invested in doing things the way you are used to, the harder it gets. Just assume you are learning a new thing (you muchly are) and go for the adventure.

And, of course, we are happy to help in whatever ways we can.

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