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Consolidated iPad 3 Returns Thread


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Mar 27, 2010
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I suggest those who have returned their iPad 3s post here so members can get an idea of why people are returning their iPad 3 without alot of thread searching. This in no way is meant to bash Apple but to consolidate issues new owners are having. Suggest we keep answers short and to the point. Yes, I returned my iPad 3.


1. Previous iPad owner?

Yes, iPad 1

2. iPad 3 production week and model?

Week 6, 64GB AT&T 4G

3. Reason iPad 3 returned?

Retina screen yellowish tint. WiFi signal degraded/lost over shorter distance than iPad 1 and iPhone 4.

4. Did you get a replacement iPad 3? If so, how many have you replaced? If so, are you now satisfied?

No, waiting a couple months for other screen makers to enter supply chain.
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