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Cimo Technologies is Sponsoring a Contest!


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Mar 18, 2010
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North Jersey
Original Post: http://www.ipadforums.net/apple-ipad-news/1016-ipadforums-net-ipad-wi-fi-case-contest.html

Just two more days and the Apple iPad Wi-Fi model will finally be here! To celebrate this historical event iPadForums.net and Cimo Technologies will be giving away an iPad Case to four lucky winners! To keep the playing field level, we will select a winner from each timezone. (Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific). We are here to help make sure your brand new iPad stays in the best condition with a slick looking Silicone Case or Soft Gel Case from Cimo.

How do I Win?
You must be the first person to post a picture of yourself with the iPad in hand!

  • The photo must be posted in this thread on April 3rd.
  • Must not be a doctored photo, (i.e. do not take an existing photo from the ipad release and paste the forum onto the ipad.)
  • Photo must include you (i.e. your hand holding the device) to help authenticate that you actually had the ipad "in hand"

The Winner!

Winner will receive a special user title and his/her choice of a Silicone or Soft Gel iPad Case from Cimo Technologies.

Check out Cimo's entire selection of cases at Cimo Cases, We got you covered

Good Luck!

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